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To make good business sense, your Website must go beyond creating an up-to-date company image. Over time, it must also prove itself a worthwhile investment. With this idea at the core of Virtual Stream's design process, you are sure to make the most of your presence on the Internet. Through skillful design, your Website becomes a potent marketing and customer service tool. Virtual Stream will help you establish a strong position in this growing, high-quality market.

Concept Development Leading you through an easy development process, Virtual Stream focuses the design concept on your primary business objectives.
Graphics Design Virtual Stream designs have a polished, professional look. Images and graphics create a strong and memorable impression. Virtual Stream will help you leverage this low-cost visual medium to deliver your message loud and clear, and in a pleasing package.
HTML Coding This is where the rubber meets the road. The files that comprise a Website are text files with a twist. Special codes (HTML or HyperText Markup Language) are included which the browsers interpret to create the graphical, linked pages of a Website.
Image Processing We scan and manipulate photos, artwork and logos for your Website. Graphics are a big part of the Web's popularity and, at the same time, the primary cause of slow-loading Web pages. Virtual Stream processes images to deliver quality and impact while maintaining compactness and reasonable download times.
Forms/On-line Order Processing Virtual Stream will set you up to capitalize on the valuable feedback opportunities and simple communication made possible by the Internet. Effective design streamlines order processing, getting the right information, properly formatted, delivered to the right department.

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