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Below, we have answered several commonly asked questions. If you need additional information, do send us an e-mail. We'd like to hear from you!

How long does it take to get a Website up and running?

Generally, it happens in 3 weeks or less. If you need to establish an Internet connection or buy hardware, it can take a little longer. Still, it should be able to happen in less than a month.

What can a Website do for my business?

Lots. It won't run your business for you but it will help you expand your business, launch new products, deliver first rate customer service, process orders efficiently and reach out to new or distant markets. Check out our Internet Marketing page for additional information.

How does Internet marketing compare with other forms of advertising?

The Internet easily delivers the biggest bang for the advertising buck when compared to print or broadcast media. For modest investment, businesses can create graphically rich marketing programs that inform and entertain. On top of that, they reach a large and receptive market. Internet users are affluent and educated -- 55% of them use the Web to gather information prior to making purchases.

What if I want to change my homepage?

Not a problem. In fact, the ease and very low cost of Website changes make the Internet by far the most responsive marketing medium. Unlike printed brochures or ads, an update to your Website completely and immediately replaces the previous, out-of date version. That way, only current, correct information is available to your customers.

My company makes a few products and they serve different markets - will I need to have more than one Website?

No, your different products can be accommodated by establishing separate pages which are still part of the same Website. Virtual Stream structures the individual pages to reach their respective markets.

My customers have been asking about online ordering. Can I make this available on my Website?

Yes. In fact, Virtual Stream can design a system which brings the ease of online ordering to your customers and reduces your order processing effort. That reduction in overhead does good things for profitability!

Some Websites take a long time to load -- will mine be slow like that?

Not if we are doing our job! Bulky graphics can lead to slow-loading pages, so Virtual Stream processes images to deliver crisp, high-resolution graphics in smaller, quick-loading packages. Reasonable loadling time is a key Virtual Stream design consideration.

I already have a Website but people say it's hard to find. Can you fix that?

Usually. We have other customers who have had similar experiences. We call it Web doctoring and we are glad to offer this service for which there is a growing need.

I have some questions about Websites, but I hate to have somebody trying to "sell" me. Will that happen if I contact Virtual Stream?

Definitely not. Pressuring you to do something does not help you and it wouldn't help Virtual Stream either. You would be upset and, as far as we know, businesses rarely succeed by upsetting people. We'll give you straight talk and see that your questions are answered. From there, you can make up your own mind. Contact us and see for yourself!

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